Croatian Josip Heit is a show-off, a braggart and a cheat. He has ripped off business partners for millions. But in public he plays big man. In his entire life, Heit has never earned a euro on the clean side

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The journey comes to an end: noose around the neck of Josip Heit and his scam tightens

Now the German consumer protection organization Stiftung Warentest has also issued an urgent warning against the professional criminal Josip Heit and his fraud network around the cryptocurrency G999.

Particularly fatal in this regard is the statement of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), which clarified to Finanztest that GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG "does not have a permit to offer banking and/or financial services transactions in Germany."

It also referred to sections 39 and 40 of the German Banking Act. These stipulated that only companies licensed under the Banking Act may use the terms "bank", "banker", "credit union" and "savings bank" as an addition to their company name, to designate their business purpose or for advertising purposes.

As we have learned today, the Federal Agency has now initiated several proceedings against the company GSB and its owner Josip Heit. An "official ban can be expected shortly," according to a statement issued by BaFin to the editors.

Already in the past weeks and months, the dubious business of the Croat Josip Heit and its mafia network had been warned. Afterwards, Josip Heit had threatened critics directly or via intermediaries even with murder.

Via the Hamburg lawyer Dr. Thomas M. Nische, numerous proceedings were also brought against the media and individuals with the aim of silencing critics. The Stuttgart public prosecutor's office has initiated preliminary proceedings against Nische, Heit and those responsible at the Hamburg law firm "NOR" for forgery of documents and attempted trial fraud.

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