Josip Heit: The group of companies, which apparently also supports radical right-wing and anti-constitutional groups, now calls itself "GSB Gold Standard Corporate."


British, Swedish and Kazakhs have initiated proceedings against Josip Heit, GSPartners and all affiliated companies

Financial regulators in Kazakhstan, Sweden and England have announced to take action against Josip Heit personally and his network of companies. This is to ensure that all business of the Nazi fraud network around the brand "GSB" is stopped. The proceedings are seen as a milestone for an international ban. The Croatian, whose real name is Josip Curcic, ripped off at least six million euros from unsuspecting investors in less than three months through GSPartners. For this, they received the worthless cryptocurrency G999.

But the alleged banker is not allowed to offer it. Having already been targeted by investigators for illegal banking transactions with his "Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG", he has changed his name in recent days. The group of companies, which apparently also supports radical right-wing and anti-constitutional groups, now calls itself "GSB Gold Standard Corporate."

There is no corresponding company registration.

The website of the fraud coin G999 is Here the unsuspecting victims from the GSPartners network were and are ripped off with the worthlessG999.

Not for long.

The website states: is a site operated by GSB Gold Standard Pay Ltd, registered as Financial Services Provider with the Ministry of Economy under BIN Number: 200740027325 in the Republic of Kazakhstan. In addition GSB Gold Standard Pay Ltd. has received under file No. 32-0-15/22/ЮЛ-C-1624 accreditation from the Agency for Regulation and Development of the Financial Market of the Republic of Kazakhstan to provide Payment Processing Services (through electronic wallets), Foreign Exchange Services and Crypto Currency Services. Digital crypto storage services are being provided by GSB Gold Standard Pay KB, Stockholm, Sweden - a professional and regulated Trustee in accordance with the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act 2017:630 (AML/CFT Compliance) with the Stockholm County Administrative Board as Supervisory Authority for AML/CFT purposes, registered under Business Registration Number: 969793-3522. This website does not offer financial services.

Here are the facts:

The Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Regulation and Development of Financial Market" is responsible for such authorizations in Kazakhstan. A GSB or a "GSB Gold Standard Pay Ltd" is unknown. There is no authorization.

It is also a fact that there is a company called "GSB Gold Standard Pay KB" in Sweden. The shell company has no permits for a "digital crypto service". No matter if it is a trust company or storage. The "Finansinspektionen" in Stockholm stated upon request, "the services offered by the company GSB Gold Standard Pay Ltd. or G999 or GSB PLC are not authorized."

As a result of the inquiries, interdiction proceedings have now been initiated against Josip Heit and his "group".

But that's not the end of the trouble: The UK Financial Services Authority has also initiated proceedings.

The website states:

Mr. Josip Heit

Chairman of the Board

Josip HEIT the chairman of the GSB PLC, an active company for more 10 years, has numerous years of experience gained in financial and the sale of precious metals, especially gold, in Europe, Asia, America and South America. Mr. Josip HEIT has also extensive knowledge in the field of mining precious metals and mineral ores.

The facts: A company "GSB PLC" does not exist. However, it is correct that there is a company "GSB Gold Standard PLC". It was founded on December 10, 2019 under the name "Canthorn PLC". Three days later it was renamed to GSB Gold Standard PLC.

Because Josip Heit lied once again, the financial regulator is now on his heels: "Anyone who intentionally makes false statements and does so with the intent to defraud will be prosecuted by us," it says in a letter. And, "The company's business model is clearly geared towards fraud. We will not allow it."

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