Alexandru Cocindau, as "CTO" (Chief Technical Officer) of GSB Gold Standard Bank, builds the worthless world of G999 with services supposedly mapped on the blockchain

Alexandru Cocindau

Crimes on behalf of his boss Josip Heit

The Romanian Alexandru Cocindau is a coward. He's afraid of getting caught. Now he has produced a fake video that is just as bad as his work as a "blockchain evangelist", "entrepreneur" and "angel investor" (self-promotion). Because even he was not entirely comfortable with his work, he manipulated his voice on the video – but in such a way that the simple technical capabilities of the prosecution exposed him as a character assassin.

The goal of the video probably is and was, with a cornucopia of stupidities, to deceive business partners, affiliates and consumers. The reality is that the noose around Alexandru Cocindau tightens. He is the willing helper in the worldwide fraud network of the professional criminal, Josip Heit. Together with Hilde von Cocindau, he is up to mischief in the blockchain industry, in the crypto market and as an alleged banker.

The aim of the manipulated fake video is also to silence unwelcome critics. Josip Heit is heavily in debt. He needs millions to pay off his debts. With a former business partner, it is more than 110 million euros that Heit has on the lid.

The millions he has ripped off in the meantime from unsuspecting investors and affiliates all over the world with the supposedly so successful "G999 business model" are not even included. Nor are the open accounts he has with service providers and consultants. German movie starlet Sophia Thomalla is still waiting for a "large part of her fee," according to sources close to her. She did not want to be dispatched with the worthless G999 (current value: 0.00549 USD).

The aim of the video is also to distract from their own frauds and dubious deals.

Alexandru Cocindau, as "CTO" (Chief Technical Officer) of GSB Gold Standard Bank, builds the worthless world of G999 with services supposedly mapped on the blockchain, which are supposed to be bought expensively here, but have long been free elsewhere. And the deluded G999 disciples are glued to the lips of the alleged "Blockchain Evangelist". Investigators are now also looking into Cocindau's role in the "BitCoin PoS" scam, in which investors were robbed of millions by Josip Heit.

Josip Heit is the head (CEO and Chairman of the Board) of the dubious "Gold Standard Banking Corporation", the criminal cryptocurrency G999, the "Gold Standard Partners", "BitCoin PoS", "StellarFund" and other companies that have only one goal: to extract money from the pockets of investors.

Heit is under investigation in several countries, including Germany, the United States and now the UAE. It is about commercial investment fraud, illegal trading in cryptocurrencies, money laundering, tax evasion, drug offenses and human trafficking. Currently, a reputable US consumer watchdog has issued a warning against Josip Heit, his cryptocurrency and all related businesses.

Heit is a career criminal. Alexandru Cocindau meanwhile probably is, too. Neither have that on their business cards, of course. Heit's name says "banker". There are films about him on the Internet that show him in a private jet with dubious characters and criminal mafia members – supposedly always doing big business. Yet it's all just show for the scenery – just as poorly done as the current video.

In the video for investors, affiliates and business partners, in which people, facts and alleged research have been poured together into a mean melange, alleged connections of various companies and websites critical of the criminal actions of the pair of crooks are vilely denigrated. As Cocindau laboriously built up alleged chains of evidence around IP addresses and Internet servers, the evangelist did not hear the church bells: with the IP addresses it concerns protection IP, in order to repel hackers.

Of course, is also part of the list that the two crooks have worked out. Officially, Heit does not make an appearance. However, via his Romanian mafia friends who distributed the video, "Josip Heit" was immediately identified as the sender. Cocindau was identified by the investigators through his manipulated voice.

With so much unprofessionalism, it is no wonder that the really important things do not take place at all. Not a word about the facts, background and detailed knowledge published here. No word about the fact that is used in the meantime by numerous investigators and press representatives, who inform themselves here daily, reading up on the rip-off methods that Heit enterprises use.

No word about the lost millions and actual backgrounds, where Heit and Cocindau have left the money, which they have ripped off the investors.

Maybe they are working on a video that explains exactly that.

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