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District court disenchants CryptoKing Josip Heit

It has not been a good week for Josip Heit, the CEO of Gold Standard Banking Corporation, who likes to call himself a banker: the Frankfurt Regional Court in Germany has given him a proper earful in a dispute with Germany's leading business newspaper. Heit, who has multiple criminal convictions, wanted to have the newspaper banned from claiming that the G999 fraud model is a "cryptocurrency".

This has far-reaching consequences: If it is judicially established that G999 is a cryptocurrency, which it is, financial regulators worldwide are already at the ready - official bans are then only a matter of days. Croatian Heit, whose name was Josip Curcic until he got married, does not have that time.

The network "Gold Standard Partners" is then also on the verge of collapse. Here MLM distributors gather, leading thousands to their doom: after all, G999 is not a money printing machine, but a money destroying machine. People get rid of their investments and deposits and face nothing. Josip Heit doesn't care. The main thing is that he can continue to demonstrate to the astonished world public how "successful" he is.

But that is not the only sticking point in the court proceedings in Frankfurt: Heit also wanted to have the claim that he had ever been "Chairman of the Board" of the German company Karatbars International prohibited. The presiding judge, however, was smart enough to look at numerous YouTube videos herself in which Josip Heit claimed exactly that.

This was also the starting point for a unique robbery story: according to the records, Heit embezzled and misappropriated more than 120 million euros from the German company and ripped it off with fake service invoices and promises. But that's another story.

Heit's incompetent lawyer then also brought contracts with Sophia Thomalla into the proceedings. The B-starlet Sophia Thomalla had advertised the bankrupt G999 with appropriate physical appearance and a lot of skin and had received a lot of ridicule and scorn for it, both nationally and internationally.

According to the lawyer, however, these documents were confidential and should not be released to the other party. But the damage was done, because for the first time, even in court, there were deep insights into the business methods of GSB and Josip Heit.

When it was all too late, the contracts and related documents were quickly recovered from the court. In Germany, this can be done in preliminary injunction proceedings. What stuck in the file: the tattooed actress was paid by the Swedish "GSB Gold Standard Pay Kommanditbolag" (registration number: 969793-3522). The company, which has a mailbox in Stockholm, was founded on June 3, 2020, and allegedly the company also has the appropriate licenses to conduct banking transactions in the GSB network.

However, this is strongly disputed by the corporate regulator in Sweden. GSB Pay Kommanditbolag, equipped with a share capital of less than 100 euros, is only allowed to carry out "trust and foundation management" activities, but no bank-like transactions. Trust in this context only means "trust" and no corresponding banking instruments.

But that's not all: the payment documents are now on file with the District Court in Frankfurt. This means that they can and will be forwarded to the financial supervisory authorities at any time. Josip Heit is also being investigated for professional tax evasion.

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