Already in 2014, character assassination campaigns were Reiko Opitz's specialty

Reiko Opitz and Josip Heit

Fascists and Neo-Nazis take over the GSPartners network

Reinhold Opitz has many faces. The man's real name is Reiko, born March 30, 1968, in Oranienburg, Germany. Opitz, who sometimes goes by Starosud, is a millionaire fraudster. A forger. A blackmailer. A character assassin. The worst face is his Nazi visage adorned with a skull and crossbones. And he is the right hand man of professional criminal Josip Heit, "Chairman of the Board" of Global Standard Banking Corporation AG" (GSB). Together they coordinate money laundering, character assassination, tax evasion and massive fraud in the network of GSPartners.

In order that the illegal business of the Croatian Josip Heit, whose real name is Josip Curcic, is not exposed, Reiko Opitz ensures his media success of GSPartnerswith a network of fake news websites financed from Russia. Targeted character assassination campaigns are intended to keep the damage to the GSB network small. Therefore everything around the GSB world and Josip Heit is a rip-off and fraud.

Competitors and former business partners are denigrated as "child fuckers on record", and journalists of Germany's largest business newspaper are characterized as "corrupt". Creditors of Josip Heit are portrayed in public by Opitz as "fraudsters wanted by arrest warrant". Yet Josip Heit owes his creditors more than 120 million euros.

Benjamin Bidder, journalist for Germany's biggest news magazine DER SPIEGELhad already reported in 2014, when Josip Heit was still making a career as a petty criminal, about the crooked methods of Reiko Opitz: "He is on the run from German and Ukrainian investigators". The background was a million-dollar fraud by the scandal company "PC Fritz", which hawked pirated Windows systems and collected millions.

And: "Opitz had begun his rise after the fall of communism as a seller of car phones. He then fled to Peru after going bankrupt as a business partner of a Berlin amusement park". Millions were involved here, too.

Already in 2014, character assassination campaigns were Reiko Opitz's specialty. According to DER SPIEGEL, "Opitz launched campaigns to discredit Yulia Tymoshenkov (Ukrainian politician, editor's note), who was imprisoned until February. Suddenly it was said that the Chancellery in Berlin, which had been fighting for Tymoshenkov's release in Kiev, had turned away from her in disappointment. The report was completely fabricated."

Then, as now, reporters, editors and investigative journalists were threatened with first character assassination, then death. 2014 was also the year when Reiko Opitz built up a network for fascists and right-wing extremists and accompanied it in the media. This network, insiders want to know, is allegedly paid for by the Russian domestic intelligence service FSB. The German investigators watch the goings-on inactively.

Reiko Opitz (pictured) also likes to be portrayed as an SS-Oberst-Gruppenführer and Generaloberst der Waffen-SS - a rank below Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler. From August to October 1942, the SS killed some 1.47 million Jews, statistics show - more than six million Jews died in all. With the Iron Cross and the skull and crossbones, Reinhold Opitz's megalomania thus also knows no bounds.

This is the right society for a criminal like Josip Heit, who likes to point out his Christian values. And of course for the international rip-off network GSPartners - it may be asked how many old and neo-Nazis are hiding here.

When Josip Heit first hit the headlines with his dubious crypto deals, Opitz and his character assassination network offered itself as a "cleaning crew". Heit, cornered by the media, paid Opitz hundreds of thousands of euros from investor funds for the campaigns.

And Opitz recognized completely different possibilities: The GSB blockchain of the "Chief Technical Officer" (CTO), Alexandru Cocindau, praised to the skies by Josip Heit, offered itself as a perfect means of communication for the right-wing scene, to be coordinated internationally here via the leaders of GSPartners. As an expensive service for supposedly secure emails and GSB messaging service, the cover with the mostly unsuspecting GSB victims is almost perfect.

The GSPartners do not have much joy at the moment in any other way. While Bitcoin climbed to an all-time high, Ethereum rose to over USD $2,300 and other cryptocurrencies are also celebrating records, G999 is once again the industry's loser. In just one day, the coin loses a whopping 9%. In the three-day value, the loss is 15%, the weekly loss is well over 30%, and in the last 30 days, the G999 made an unfathomable 60% loss. Its value: just under 0.004 cents.

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