Josip Heit, "Chairman of the Board" of the now mutated "GSB Gold Standard Corporate" is the official head of the Nazi network GSPartners, which operates worldwide, according to its own information "in more than 120 countries"

GSB Nazi network boss Josip Heit

How a criminal abuses the German Chancellor Angela Merkel

The German Chancellor's Office in Berlin has publicly distanced itself from the Nazi network GSPartners and GSB boss Josip Heit: "Chancellor Angela Merkel will not allow herself to be abused by individuals and companies for cheap PR," it says from Berlin. The background is a contribution of "Group boss Josip Heit of GSB Gold Standard Corporate". The criminal head of the Nazi network GSPartners has made publicity using the German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a bought press article.

In the process, Russian agent Reiko Opitz, bought by Josip Heit, was once again entrusted with the "press work". Opitz is a multiple-convicted character assassin and fraudster who controls the public relations of the Nazi network GSB and spreads fake news of all kinds. Reiko Opitz and Josip Heit are under investigation for defamation of character, slander, coercion and several economic crimes.

For the "cheap media campaign with Mrs Merkel" the GSB "media partner" AFP (Agence France-Presse) was abused. The agency, like other press agencies, gets paid for court reporting.

The piece disguised as an interview, titled: "G999 and GSTelecom: CEO Josip Heit of GSB Gold Standard Corporate, in an interview on the ‘federal emergency brake’ and ‘mandatory testing’ for companies" does not serve to inform, but exclusively to praise the criminal Josip Heit. He lets himself be celebrated as a "proven business manager and blockchain pioneer as well as CEO of the GSB Group."

The Chancellor's Office also knows: Josip Heit is a "Group CEO" with more than 120 million euros in private liabilities. This is money that he either stole from former business partners or which resulted from unpaid invoices. Currently, the Croatian, once called Josip Curcic, is trying to shovel new millions via the cryptocurrency G999 - from unsuspecting, exploited investors who were or are being baited in the Nazi network GSPartners.

Instead of focusing on paying off his debts or at least planning a bailout for the bankrupt cryptocurrency G999 in the Nazi network GSPartners, the Croatian with a German passport is venting about the German curfews at the time of the coronavirus crisis. This is not without a certain comedy, as the millionaire fraudster is hiding from the grasp of German investigators in Dubai.

Josip Heit: "Pressure generally creates counter-pressure, as every physicist knows, and Mrs Merkel is a physicist. I also wonder why a law should be pushed through in a hurry that will remain in force unless the Federal Constitutional Court overturns it. What can be solved on local level, should be solved in the actual sense also there, whereby the infection happening is anyway different from place to place, not only which concerns the numbers. Firm is however likewise for me as responsible person for our coworkers that the Federal Government is linchpin with measures, which are to work against the pandemic!"

Everything understood?

Josip Heit: "Chancellor Dr Angela Merkel, who I hold in very high esteem, has so far served our country excellently as Chancellor since November 22, 2005, which is exactly calculated a full 803 weeks or even almost 185 months, in every conceivable way. Her actions in the current murderous coronavirus pandemic, are certainly always aimed at protecting the people of Germany."

Heit continues, "Against this background [of the pandemic], I have instructed the heads of our laboratories and development departments to offer the corona tests, already purchased through GSB Gold Standard Corporate, to employees every day, because only through comprehensive testing, can we prevent an increase in the incidence rate, which will ultimately cause intensive care units to be filled by people suffering from the coronavirus, although we are all aware that hospital capacities are not infinite."

There's just one catch: GSB doesn't have any laboratories at all. And what tests GSB Gold Standard Corporate offers in Dubai is not known even by the local health authority in the emirate, which when asked to comment, said: "We don't know."

Josip Heit: "G999 is founded on the idea that blockchain technology must ensure compliance with environmental regulations, particularly the promotion of energy conservation. At the same time, it meets the current need to manage personal data in a completely secure and risk-free space, away from the mainstream web network through a decentralized data center."

Up until now, the lead-strapped investors and ripped-off G999 victims had always hoped for the fat payoff from cryptocurrency. And now this?

There's no stopping the "Group CEO". Heit: "GSTelcom is a blockchain-secured and operated platform that allows all users to send and receive voice chats, messages and images, all encrypted over the blockchain. As the private security of data in transit, such as text or image messages, has become increasingly important in recent times, this is where the GSTelecom application comes in. GSTelecom creates a safe, private and secure messaging platform where no information is held by or accessible to a third party."

If Angela Merkel hasn't figured out what the straw head wants by now, "to explain it more clearly, with GSTelecom there is now a paid service that professionals, individuals and companies can use to exchange data and information without the risk that third parties can access and use it at a later date."

What Angela Merkel knows, however, is that if she were to actually engage in such nonsense, all the data would be available for the operators to view. With the Nazi network GSB's close contacts to Russia's domestic intelligence service, this would be a ready-made meal for data protectionists. Operator of the supposedly secure blockchain: Josip Heit.

And because he just can't stop with his lies, AFP continues to spread fake news (for a fee):

"Since 2011, GSB Gold Standard Corporate has been operating as a global holding company focused on unique/pure minerals, metals and blockchain technology developments."

The fact is, Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG in Hamburg was not founded until 2020. It is also not a holding company. All of the companies affiliated with the company are shell companies.

"GSB, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, is one of the world's leaders in mining, refining, and global trading of proprietary and third-party resources."

The fact is: GSB is completely unknown in the industry. It is not a "world market leader" nor does it operate at any local level. But the fact is that Josip Heit is under investigation by prosecutors nationally and internationally for falsified records and documents purporting to show ownership of gold mines in Madagascar.

"With the first step of industrial development, through manufacturing to trade, the GSB Group of Companies puts the protection of the environment at the top of its agenda. The entire company operates as a self-contained ecosystem - from base to end use."

The fact is: this is intellectual diarrhea. At the top of the Nazi GSB network is a rip-off.

"With our globally networked distribution system for industrial minerals and metals in over 120 countries, we guarantee the highest-quality supply at all times. Raw materials are refined to the highest quality at our own plants and LBMA refineries."

This is another lie: Josip Heit does not have a worldwide distribution network (the Nazi network GSPartners excluded), nor does he own any plants or LBMA refineries.

The German Chancellery also found this out: it simply asked the German Chambers of Commerce. "A GSB group is unknown," it says succinctly.


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