Josip Heit likes to surround himself with beautiful women. Often enough also from the red light milieu. There are informants who say that it is often enough women who look only at the money and not in his face

The Madagascar fairy tale

How Josip Heit collected 118.8 million euros for nothing

Perhaps the good life for Josip Heit will soon come to an end. The self-proclaimed "banker" owes personally and with his company "Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG" (GSB) 118.8 million euros in Germany alone. This is evidenced by documents that have now also been submitted to the public prosecutor's office. The Croatian, who was once called Josip Curcic, currently operates the criminal crypto network G999 together with globally operating networkers of "Gold Standard Partners". The 44-year-old "banker", who is also believed to have close ties to Organized Crime, is under investigation not only in Germany.

There are also claims for millions in other places.

Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG was called "GCC Gazella Corporate Capital AG" until a year ago. On its website Josip advertises since: "Gold Standard Banking AG (GSB) was founded in in Germany 2011 and is specialized for trade of minerals and precious metals".

The actual object of the company GSB, according to the Hamburg registry court, is the manufacture, import, export and distribution of chemical products, plastics, pesticides, chalk and fillers, dyes, pharmaceutical and other products, as well as rare metals and gold.

None of this has anything to do with cryptocurrencies. And certainly not with G999, perhaps the biggest fraud scheme since the billion-dollar OneCoin bust.

In 2018, the former Gazella and Josip Heit collected €15.2 million from a business partner, a year later €96.9 million, and finally €6.6 million in 2020.

Strict guidelines and contractual obligations were attached to these payments. Josip Heit did not fulfill any of them. This is evidenced by the documents and extensive correspondence. The deceived company: "According to the contractual agreement, GCC Gazella and Josip Heit undertook to transfer ownership of the alleged Madagascar deposit, as well as to have this deposit consolidated and accounted for by an auditor."

Today it is clear that the submitted documents and receipts for the gold deposits were simply falsified.

Auditors found that the alleged gold mine did not exist and that all of Josip Heit's promises were lies. Worse still: to this day, the Croatian, who has since gone into hiding in Dubai to escape the grasp of numerous investigators, has not even been able to prove that he owns a gold mine at all.

In order to deceive his client, he arranged a press show in Hong Kong and presented a mountain of gold bars in front of running cameras, which allegedly all came from "his" mine. These videos can still be found on YouTube to this day. With this show he also double-crossed his business partner (

Investigations in Hong Kong in cooperation with the responsible authorities have shown that Josip Heit had merely borrowed the gold for the photo and film shoot through his Gazella group of companies. According to reports, he paid a six-figure fee for this.

He stalled his client with promises, falsified documents and invitations to "his" villa in Nice, which Heit had rented for 50,000 euros a week. Drug parties were also held there, and prostitutes were flown in via his Romanian "friends" - "Brothers for a lifetime," it says on Instagram - and offered to his business partners "for free use."

In the present joint venture agreement, Josip Heit undertook to provide evidence of the receipt of funds in the amount of 118.8 million euros. He further undertook to transfer full ownership of the allegedly high-yield gold mine in Madagascar to his backer. It was also contractually stipulated that Josip Heit would provide information about the amount of gold in the deal. And finally: 50 percent of the gold already mined already belongs to his business partner.

But the actual facts look like this: there is no gold. Everything is a huge fraud. Josip Heit has never given any information and has simply appropriated and embezzled the money. The show in Hong Kong was at best a Hollywood comedy.

Josip Heit ignored a press inquiry with the appropriate information. Private investigators and security officers who did a background check would be massively threatened.

The fact is that the "banker" Josip Heit cannot find a credible answer to any of the accusations.

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