The G999 Scam

How stupid is Sophia Thomalla?

She is the subject of men's wet dreams. She is the face of the crypto-scam G999. She is an it-girl, an "influencer". And she knows exactly what she's doing. In the primarily German media (where she likes to be shown with a lot of naked skin), they are currently insinuating that she was "abused" by GSB boss Josip Heit as a blonde dimwit. Someone who has no clue.

And there comes the question: how stupid is Sophia Thomalla?

She is clever. She surrounds herself with advisors, expensive lawyers. Every step and every campaign, if it brings a lot of money, is planned, checked and executed in detail. Nothing is left to chance. Even if a business newspaper writes about a "dubious" blockchain project, it's worth a warning letter from her lawyer. So she knows exactly what she is doing.

Markus Miller, one of the important figures in the confusing crypto scrum, even says: "She obviously doesn't know the background, nor the questionable history of the initiators of G999. Simply hitting Sophia Thomalla on the head now is too easy and not appropriate. [. . .] At the end of the day, it is the responsibility of each investor to analyze whether a blockchain concept is fundamentally soundly conceived and sustainable. G999 is certainly not one of them for me."

Miller is sorely mistaken. Because Sophia Thomalla not only knows the background, she is also involved in the entire fraud concept and her tracked helpers should have raised red flags long ago. Others from Thomalla’s circle have also warned her. Even her strong partner, the medium Bild had informed her comprehensively, but short skirts and sex are more important than the truth.

This leads to the next question: why does Sophia Thomalla cooperate in an obvious fraud, a "crypto-scam" (Wallstreet Online)? Everyone knows that Josip Heit has close contacts with the Romanian mafia, human traffickers, blackmailers and other windy characters. He calls these people "brothers for life" on Instagram, where Sophia Thomalla is almost daily.

This answer might be more complicated.

Insiders report that she herself might be a "member" of mafia structures and that her entanglements are much deeper than one suspects. In short, Sophia Thomalla may also have a history. Perhaps that's why she has her lawyers answer press inquiries right away.

But what's much worse is that the alleged "it girl" is actually mega uncool: when the first negative headlines and news came in, she could have pulled the ripcord. She didn't. When G999 had long since been exposed as a scam, she still promoted the scam on stage in Dubai with Josip Heit and defends the scam to this day.

Heit paid her a fortune for the show. But money does not compensate for the lost honor of Sophia Thomalla.

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