The G999 is on the brink of extinction!

Insider: "The G999 is history!"

Josip Heit, self-proclaimed but unqualified banker, is once again in huge legal trouble: According to insider information, his G999 is about to go out of business! Not only did he steal the entire business idea from a former partner, even the name G999 isn't his.

The boss of the entrepreneurial group Gold Standard Banking Group is in severe legal trouble in the USA, because of trademark infringements. His used G999 is simply stolen. The original trademarks are registered since August 2020 - at a time, when the Croatian gangster tinkered still at its fraud model G999 and considered itself the last scams, how he can scam investors and partners.

Documents and letters of his Hamburg attorney Dr. Thomas M. Nitsche of the Kanzlei "NOR" proof not only the entire extent of the fraud. The documents also show how the "banker" threatened and intimidated partners, former business associates, suppliers and affiliates. One legal expert: "This is coercion!"

Josip Heit, who allegedly also owns mines and manipulates gold stocks with forged testates, is known to the police for his rude approach: There were even cases against him for allegedly death threats against disagreeable business partners.

In what he considers hopeless situations, he also likes to threaten people with his alleged connections to the "mafia" and offers "bounties" worth millions.

He is currently under widespread investigation for the threats by three public prosecutors in Germany.

Behind the scenes, "Josip is spreading panic," it is said from persons with knowledge of the situation.

This is hardly surprising: Despite all the full-bodied promises, the G999 is still worth nothing. The token is currently trading at 0.00625824 USD, a drop of a staggering 80.25 percent in the last three months.

Hardly any token has lost its value so quickly. But it's not surprising: When a Croatian petty crook plays banker, it can only go down the drain.

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