After the international media became attentive to the crook Josip Heit and his crooked routes, he works up-to-date also on an image improvement and trades as "GSB Hamburg AG"

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Josip Heit: From small-time crook to alleged world market leader

Croatian Josip Heit likes it big. Some say that's because what makes the man is actually quite small. The "Chairman of the Board" of Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG (GSB) from Hamburg hardly misses a week to amaze his astonished followers. This consists of a worldwide hijacked network of multi-level marketing (MLM) system, which sells its members things that nobody needs. The goal of the enterprise is simply rip-off.

Internationally, consumer protection organizations have warned about the alleged cryptocurrency G999; meanwhile, there is also direct warning about the concept GSTelecom, which is allegedly built on a blockchain. This is an expensive-to-buy application that nobody needs.

The multiple-convicted crook Josip Heit sells it like this:

"Their recent announcement of a new development that GSB plans to bring to the international market is their GSTelecom application. This is a blockchain-secured and operated platform that allows all users to send and receive voice chats, messages and pictures, all encrypted over the blockchain."

IT specialists hired by consumer advocates judge: "Hands off. The application is pure baggage. No one needs something like this, especially since there are dozens of users who offer something like this for free and more secure through end-to-end encryption." What's more, "Putting such a technical solution on a blockchain makes no sense even under alleged data protection arguments. From our point of view, this is nothing more than data theft at the expense of users, since blockchain operators naturally have access to all content exchanged in a chat at any time."

After an interim "high", the cryptocurrency G999 is back on the downswing: in just one month, it lost a whopping 57 percent of its value. G999 is not even worth a cent, standing at 0.007 cents.

After the international media became attentive to the crook Josip Heit and his crooked routes, he works up-to-date also on an image improvement and trades as "GSB Hamburg AG". However, this company does not exist. The background is, once more, his empty promises. Heit had announced that his "group of companies" was planning an initial public offering (IPO). Actually, IPOs are only used to raise money either to pay off debts or to create room for acquisitions, i.e. company purchases.

In the case of Josip Heit, who was once called Josip Curcic, debt management is apparently the top priority. He has liabilities of more than 130 million euros. But he can't sell that to his potential future shareholders. So the bankrupt company GSB became a "software powerhouse" overnight.

And if this big-headedness is not enough, then rub your eyes in amazement at this presentation:

"Since 2011, GSB AG has been operating as a global holding company focused on unique/pure minerals and metals. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, GSB is one of the global market leaders in mining, refining and worldwide trading of proprietary and third-party resources. From the first step of industrial development, through manufacturing and trading, the GSB Group places environmental protection at the top of its agenda. The entire company operates as a self-contained ecosystem - from base to end use."

The sad truth: GSB did not become active until 2020, after the company had previously floundered as "Gazella" due to unpaid bills and massive allegations of fraud. That's when the existing shell of the corporation, secured with the appropriate contracts, was transformed into "Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG." Of course, the company is not allowed to conduct banking business in any form.

This is probably why the resourceful Josip Heit now claims to be "one of the world leaders in mining, refining and worldwide trading of own and foreign resources". This is, of course, absolute nonsense.

A possible world market leader in foreign resources is, at best, his debt mountain. Heit has received more than 118.8 million euros from a business partner without even providing anything in return.

Perhaps this is what he meant by "closed ecosystem" and "protection of the environment". The money goes straight into his pockets without any detours.

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