Serious accusations against the alleged "banker" of GSB and initiator of the illegal cryptocurrency G999

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Josip Heit involved in dirty human trafficking

The public prosecutor's office in Frankfurt is now also investigating the alleged banker Josip Heit. According to the investigators, the Croatian is a key figure in a network of human traffickers operating throughout Europe. Specifically, prosecutors are charging him with promoting prostitution, extortion, coercion, promoting child prostitution, tax evasion and fraud.

Josip Heit is officially the head of Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG (GSB) with an alleged registered office in Hamburg. However, investigations in Hamburg have revealed that the alleged company address is a letterbox company. GSB is a young company that launched the alleged cryptocurrency, G999. According to investigators, it is "a cover to distract from the alleged business."

If the investigations so far are correct, Croatian Josip Heit is "the German head" of a criminal network that stretches from Bulgaria to Romania, the Balkans and Germany. Heit is alleged to have procured prostitutes to Frankfurt and Stuttgart. But the alleged "banker" is also said to have set up an "offshoot of the criminal human trafficking ring" in southern France, where Josip Heit rented a villa for 50,000 euros a week. The German investigators worked closely with the French police.

The criminal network was uncovered after a close confidant of Josip Heit was arrested and is now testifying as a key witness. Investigators confirm that he "heavily incriminated" Josip Heit. Heit has since gone into hiding in Dubai and can no longer be reached via his alleged company addresses in Hamburg and Düsseldorf.

But even without these considerable accusations, Josip Heit is in big trouble. Former business partners are demanding more than 100 million euros that Heit ripped off with his fraud company, GSB. Thousands of investors have been ripped off by him with baseless promises. The Stuttgart public prosecutor's office is also investigating whether Josip Heit stole company secrets, which he is now selling as "G999 Blockchain". In fact, there are no such developments at GSB.

Josip Heit is currently trying to silence his critics with threats. With forged records and documents, emails and false affidavits, he is fighting a desperate battle for his non-existent millions. German movie starlet Sophia Thomalla, built up as a flagship icon of the G999 fraud network, has long since renounced Josip Heit – officially, her management refuses to comment.

Within a week, the price of the illegal G999 has risen by more than 170 percent. Also with the help of Heit's mafia friends who launder their dirty money with the alleged cryptocurrency – the G999 is now actually worth a cent.

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