Josip Heit, Manager of the Year 2021: "Yes, I'm giving away 3.5 million U.S. dollars"

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Josip, a Croatian entrepreneur and globetrotter, is the head of Gold Standard Wanking Corporation (GSW) in Hamburg, Germany. He is the brightly dazzling example of an entrepreneur who swims on the wave of success without equity and exclusively at the expense of others. He says of himself, when he is not making empty promises, that he is one of the world's leading mine owners. His group of companies controls markets, girls and money. He is a jack of all trades and promises to be successful in more than 120 countries. Josip Heit is thus on his way to becoming "Manager of the Year 2021". He is already idolized by his followers during his lifetime. And even if they don't understand him because of his speech and word-finding disorders, they are glued to his lips and believe every word. In gratitude for their support, the man they also call the Kangaroo (big jumps, nothing in the bag) is giving away $3.5 million in his "GSP Dream Incentives Program 2021". And that's no joke.

Josip Heit spoke about his plans, hopes and goals on a world-exclusive basis with Josip Hebdo editor Jaime Mentir. Josip Hebdo has kindly allowed us to reprint the interview.

Mr. Heit, you are a pioneer in commerce.

Josip Heit: Yes, that's right, I like to drink. And also like to draw a line sometimes. And the girls also have to run...

That's not what I meant now. Can you say something about your gift of $3.5 million? Where did the money come from?

Josip Heit: As a successful businessman, I can't reveal all the secrets, of course, but it's a simple calculation: if my business partners...

...the GS Partners?

Josip Heit: ....yes, if they put 10 million in my pocket, I can spend 3.5 million again. That's our GSB blockchain pyramid scam. Take in millions, make big promises and play with some chump change for the footy. They did it that way in ancient Rome or back in the days when we were buccaneers in Croatia.

You promise houses, dream cars, gold, silver, diamonds, luxury watches. How does that work?

Josip Heit: This is our 2021 Global Success Summit. Our networkers, of course, have to acquire 'Legacy Points' first and then they can be exchanged for the prizes. So if 'Legacy Points' are acquired to the value of ten million dollars, I can also give away 3.5 million dollars.

That doesn't sound very legitimate. It is said that you have given away millions on paper before and the recipients are still waiting for their money....

Josip Heit: ...these are nasty rumors. Money is how you make money. If I give someone a million dollars, of course they'll get the money when they've made five million dollars for me. That's normal, isn't it? That's how business works. Everybody knows that.

Others call it fraud...

Josip Heit: ...yeah, don't make me laugh. Everyone knows what they are getting into. We are all businessmen. We know the game. And anyone who doesn't understand that should go back to being an employee.

What do you say to the accusations against you? You are called a fraudster, a money launderer, a thief. You are accused of forgery, embezzlement and coercion. You are accused of extortion, character assassination, lying and even threatening opponents with murder...

Josip Heit: I resent the lying. We can have this discussion with pleasure. Every truth has two sides. And mine is always the right one. And if you don't watch out now, I'll punch you in the face. Impudence...

...Mr. Heit, thank you for talking to us.

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