Experts strongly warn against the use of this technology


The "blockchain of stupidity" of Josip Heit

Intelligence has its limits, stupidity does not. That's why self-proclaimed blockchain expert Josip Heit now wants to put stupidity on the blockchain. He calls it GSTelecom. Experts are skeptical: can you actually put stupidity on a blockchain? And how does it work? In mid-March, self-proclaimed "banker" and self-proclaimed "blockchain expert" Josip Heit, "Chairman and CEO" of the criminal Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG (GSB) provided the astonishing answer in an internationally distributed press release:

"Their latest announcement of a new development that GSB plans to bring to the international market is their GSTelecom application. This is a blockchain-secured and operated platform that allows all users to send and receive voice chats, messages and pictures, all encrypted over the blockchain.

"A blockchain is a continuously expandable list of data records, also called "blocks," which are chained together using cryptographic methods. Each individual block typically contains a cryptographically secure hash (scatter value) of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data, making fraud and manipulation impossible and assuring users of absolute security."

And because Josip Heit, in his stupidity, thinks he is the greatest under the sun, he also puts this in a company description:

"One such company, led by its Chairman of the Board Josip Heit, with the corporate structure of a software powerhouse, is GSB Hamburg AG, headquartered in the legendary port city of Hamburg, in the north of Germany, with the name and brand for itself created in this field since 2011 and made famous by successful innovations, such as the G999, among others, in the field of technology."

Facts first:

· The company was founded only in 2020.
· The actual object of GSB is the manufacture, import, export and distribution of chemical products, plastics, pesticides, chalk and fillers, dyes, pharmaceutical and other products, as well as rare metals and gold - there is nothing about software.
· To date, GSB and Josip Heit have not brought a "successful innovation" to market.
· The crypto scam "G999" initiated by him is a rip-off of a development for which another company paid 24 million euros.
· GSB and Josip Heit did not become known for innovations "in the field of technology."

The man, once called Josip Curcic, achieved notoriety through relevant criminal records and commercial fraud. Josip Heit is also under investigation for tax evasion, promoting prostitution, human trafficking and drug trafficking.

Back to GSTelecom and the blockchain of stupidity. In fact, experts strongly warn against the use of this technology. A spokesperson for the Texas-based security firm Armor: "The idea of putting news, photos or documents on a blockchain is absolute nonsense. The argument that this would ensure security and anonymity is complete bullshit."

Apparently, the specialists continued, the "technical hick" has "never heard of end-to-end encryption", where the highest security is achieved "without even moving a blockchain block." Further, "a blockchain only makes sense if important data, such as mileage on cars, needs to be stored in a tamper-proof way. The applications described here by the truly unknown GSTelecom are highly dangerous."

The operators of the blockchain, Josip Heit and his crooks, thus actually have the possibility to view all messages, documents and photos at any time, store them and use them without the knowledge of the users.

"This opens the door to misuse of the data," it continues from Texas, "because there are such dubious offers, we as specialists in cybersecurity also have our hands full to put an end to exactly this spook."

Perhaps the "blockchain of stupidity" of Josip Heit is actually clever, however. Because he uses the "Gold Standard Partners" network to distribute this nonsense, and the members have to pay a lot of money for it, he once again lines his pockets under the fashionable guise of blockchain. So he gets the money and quite a lot of information from his members as an encore.

Then a crime is quickly added to the criminal record: extortion and illegal use of private data. Our advice: hands off.

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