According to investigators, the Croatian Josip Heit uses the app to infiltrate the system "in order to operate his million-dollar fraud undisturbed and shielded from public access

The unbelievably brazen data theft by fraudster Josip Heit from his Gold Standard partners

New serious accusations against professional criminal Josip Heit and his fraud network G999: IT specialists have analyzed the alleged "GSTelecom by G999 Blockchain". Their warning: "This app, disguised as a chat program, is nothing more than an attempt to tap personal data and collect confidential passwords." The data theft is well disguised at that: "Welcome to the first decentralized chat app", it says as a greeting. Of course, the G999 scam would be nothing if CEO Josip Heit didn't loudly proclaim: "The most advanced chat application". Of course, this is absolute nonsense.

Commissioned specialists from the internationally recognized "Chaos Computer Club" (CCC) have tested the chat app for consumer protection organizations. Their verdict: "The chat app is at best of average quality and cannot compete with high-security apps like Signal or Threema. But will think that it does not matter at all. The alleged promise of a blockchain app cannot be confirmed."

Indeed, it is true that the fraud network "Gold Standard Partners" advertises blockchain solutions that do not exist. Investors are being ripped off in a brazen snowball scheme. The G999 app for the "important and confidential messages of Josip Heit and his vicarious agents" is used as a central control in the network. All chats are checked and copied - even the supposedly private ones.

According to investigators, the Croatian Josip Heit uses the app to infiltrate the system "in order to operate his million-dollar fraud undisturbed and shielded from public access". Investigators also assume that the app is used by the mafia, money launderers and human traffickers. Heit apparently plays a key role in organized crime.

But something else is fatal: users are forced to enter 24 "secret words" via the user login – just like it is used by crypto ledgers that control access to crypto wallets. These 24 secret words are the ultimate key to the wallets.

From the environment of Josip Heit and his technical assistant Alexandru Cocindau, it says in a confidential email and service directive, which is also available to investigators: "The 24 words are to be matched with a ledger and it is to be determined on the 24 secret words of the app then also directly accesses the wallets lets."

In plain English, anyone who uses the same 24 secret words for the G999 app that they use for their wallet is out of their cryptocurrency. It is impossible to get it back. After all, anyone who reveals their secret words also no longer has any legal options for recovering it. Josip Heit knows that, too.

Because that's exactly what he and his G999 helpers are after. The analysts from the CCC: "Why would anyone give 24 words for a chat app? You only do that to get secret words. And then there's the question of what you want to do with them. The fact is that a chat app does not need such security. Even if it were running on a blockchain, which this app actually doesn't."

Josip Heit, who has already defrauded former business partners of amounts in the hundreds of millions, is now an international wanted man. He is always not hiding in Dubai, as confirmed by eyewitnesses. In Europe, the United States and South Africa, consumer protection organizations are warning against the alleged cryptocurrency G999 and Gold Standard Partners.

Meanwhile, the price of the G999 is bobbing in technical nothingness: after a short-term "value increase" of more than 200 percent was proven to have been manipulated by the IT technician and "blockchain developer" Alexandru Cocindau, the G999 is currently in freefall again.

But before it hits the ground completely, Cocindau always makes sure that it climbs again – currently to a fabulous 1 cent.

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