Why do "Leadership Council Members" have to sign a non-disclosure agreement if all business is supposedly clean?

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The dark secrets of the GSB Leadership Council Members

The millionaire fraudster Josip Heit, who apparently continues to hide in Dubai, has muzzled the leaders of the "Gold Standard Partners" with sums of millions. This is evident from documents and affidavits that are available. Some informants continue to be with the "Gold Standard Partners". The dubious network rips off affiliates, clients and leaders who believe the nonsense of Croatian Josip Heit with the worthless cryptocurrency G999, GS Telecom and false promises around "GSLifestyle".

In total there are 10 "Leadership Council Members" who support Josip Heit in his million-dollar scam. At a meeting in Dubai a few weeks ago, these members had to sign a detailed non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and a non-compete clause.

Afterwards they are forbidden to lose even a word about the actual business and machinations. They are also not allowed to join other networks or change their professional orientation - Heit is afraid that the GSPartners network will be hijacked. He'd just been through it himself.

However, several "Leadership Council Members", whose names are all known, sought legal advice after signing and filed appropriate affidavits. They reportedly did so partly due to fears of running into legal problems themselves as a result of the criminal machinations around Gold Standard Banking Corporation (GSB) and the G999.

In any case, these confidentiality agreements and the non-competition clause are invalid. This is the result of different legal opinions. The core statement: such declarations are "worthless because they are quite obviously intended to cover up and conceal criminal acts," according to one opinion.

Another affidavit reads like this: "In order to avoid legal consequences from my business dealings......I declare in the event of criminal investigations against me that...."

Legal experts are currently asking themselves several questions: Why do "Leadership Council Members" have to sign a non-disclosure agreement if all business is supposedly clean? Why do "leaders" have to sign a non-compete agreement? What are the requirements for this and what are the consequences regardless of which side of the contract? Why are these "leaders" not allowed to talk about the real background? Why are direct contacts with the press prohibited?

At least for this, there is already an answer: Josip Heit fears journalists like the devil fears holy water - at least as long as he does not pay them handsomely for their court reporting. The leading German business newspaper Handelsblatt has not only published several reports about Heit, it has also won court cases against the alleged banker.

Secrecy also costs money. That is why Josip Heit also paid his leaders of the GSPartners network millions in Bitcoins to the GSTrade accounts for their silence. This is proven by the documents. These Bitcoins, as further research has shown, obviously originate from the trust holdings of a former business partner, who was defrauded by Heit of more than 118.8 million euros.

In addition to this sum, with the help of shady Romanian mafia coders, he also plundered a bulging trust Bitcoin account including an exchange. To this day, these Bitcoins all belong to investors and networkers who had entrusted the crypto-money to him for management. The payment to the "leaders" is stolen property under criminal law.

Josip Heit currently continues to suffer shipwreck with his own cryptocurrency G999. Meanwhile, the loss in the monthly value is more than 64 percent, the price is bobbing at a barely measurable 0.006 cents.

A source from his Leadership Council states: "A small group of Leadership Council members have followed him into an uncertain black future for money. It's only a matter of time before the entire GSB project blows up in their faces."

One thing is certain: the clock is ticking.

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