Josip Heit

The G999 ist the real joke of the Crypto-World

Josip Heit is a dumb talker. He had promised his supporters golden times with the G999 just a few days ago. Empty words. Once again. Nothing of what Josip Heit, who is in the criminal record as car pusher Josip Curcic, promised has been fulfilled.

This can be seen in the current prices of the G999.

The G999, which once again was supposed to shovel millions into Heit's pockets, is currently worth nothing. We will show the latest price development every day and also provide commentary. But that is not all. Our current disclosures also ensure that the various financial supervisory authorities in the countries are always up to date.

The supervisory authorities in numerous countries, from Germany and the USA to Canada and South Africa, are alarmed.

This is because the G999 is illegal in its current form. Without approval, without legal authorization, without legal security, this Mickey Mouse money is a mass grave for investors. The documents presented by Heit are a bought together front without value. Who invests here is immediately loses his money.

One can also tell, it is sensibly redistributed: In a life style in luxury of the family Heit. From ex-wife to daughter to mistress. His millionaire lifestyle and his millionaire front in the desert are costing a fortune. Josip Heit is a phony and a braggart. His cryptocurrency G999 is just a bad joke.

Numbers don't lie: The G999 continues its rapid decline in the new year. In just one month, the "currency" lost around 80 percent of its value. The reason: Behind the G999 there are no real values, only air. And empty promises from the "Chairman" Josip Heit. And it goes on: Already in the first days of the new year, several dozen financial and banking supervisors are to be informed about the illegal activities.

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