Josip Heit likes to play the saint. He also calls for the "Dear God" and heavenly guardians. His GSPartners are organized like a sect. But he is and remains a criminal. The millionaire fraudster is wanted internationally. The critics, he calls "haters".

GSPartners April 6, 2021:

The truth about the "haters" and the character assassin Josip Heit

The latest we know, since the unbelievable event of April 6, 2021 we know: it is the "haters" who make life difficult for Josip Heit and his gang of criminals called "GS Partners". It is not the facts that count, but what the Croatian Josip Heit, a criminal with a criminal record, whose real name is Josip Curcic, presents to his astonished community. An observer who recorded the entire event for us: "This is like a sect, this is a mad cult".

Once again, it is evident that facts do not count for the GSPartners, whose leaders have been bribed with millions. They are storytellers and portray a future for the entire business model of the "Chairman of the Board" Josip Heit. It is such an absurd event that even participants, when they express their displeasure in the Zoom chat with emojis, are simply locked out.

The head of technology Alexandru Cocindau, who after all, according to experts, at least understands the basics of a blockchain, changed his body language, verbal expression and his argumentation when it came to the "golden cows" of the scammer Josip Heit: an email client supposedly built on the blockchain and a messenger service. However, GSPartners need these products for the brazen rip-off on their network.

Undercover U.S. investigators working for several investigative agencies attended the event. At issue are millions of dollars in commercial fraud, illegal money transactions, tax evasion, price manipulation, and misrepresentation as a bank, even though Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG is exactly that, not a bank.

After the US consumer protection agency had already warned about the illegal business around the fraud coin G999 and the dubious business of GSPartners, the authorities in 64 countries, from Andorra to the USA, have now been informed about the business methods and illegal banking transactions. It is also about the illegal use of the alleged cryptocurrency G999.

Although Josip Heit has pumped millions into the worthless G999 according to insider information, the price is currently (08.04.2021) at 0.0063 cents - in just one week again a decrease of about 30 percent, after Heit had artificially manipulated the price upwards with support purchases. According to sources close to the Croatian, who is still hiding from prosecutors in Dubai, "Heit is now running out of money".

However, this does not prevent him from launching further character assassination campaigns against his alleged critics, media, opponents and lawyers under the name "Global Trust Holding". After the alleged "banker" even issued death threats against business partners, several German prosecutors are now investigating Heit.

Meanwhile, another German prosecutor's office has resumed investigations in an attempted murder case. The case involving former business partner Marvin Steinberg remains under investigation. Josip Heit, it is said, had arranged and paid for the shooting of Steinberg in an underground parking garage.

But even these facts are not welcome in the GSPartner cult community. The critics are simply "haters" who do not begrudge Heit and his cohorts their success.

The question remains, where is the success? And above all, where are the millions that Heit has stolen?

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