In recent weeks, European and U.S. consumer groups have urgently warned investors against Josip Heit and G999

G999 is in free flight again - new charges are emerging against criminal professional Josip Heit

Bad news for the career criminal Josip Heit: in just one week, his cryptocurrency G999 has lost more than 40 percent of its value (as of 03/06/2021). Apparently, more and more members of the network "Gold Standard Partner" realize that they have fallen for a giant swindle. The Croatian Josip Heit is known as a failure: The G999 is not the first bankruptcy for which he is responsible.

In recent weeks, European and U.S. consumer groups have urgently warned investors against Josip Heit and G999. More and more government agencies and financial regulators are now investigating Hit for money laundering, tax evasion, illegal banking and commercial fraud. Hit is a member of the feared Eastern European Mafia. It is also linked to child pronography, human trafficking and drug deals. The boss of Gold Standard Banking Corporation is also under investigation here.

Blockchain development specialists have also analyzed the alleged G999 blockchain. It was "developed" by Romanian IT programmer Alexandru Cocindau. Cocindau is also now under international investigation for commercial fraud.

The G999 blockchain is intended to be used to map services that are actually free of charge for expensive money. These include mobile chats and other communication services. But the fact is that via the alleged blockchain, personal data ends up with Cocindau and Heit, who are thus also supposed to try to come as crypto wallets to rob the G999 members. According to specialists, the system is "so perfect that users don't find out about it until very late, if at all."

Josip Heit, meanwhile, continues to face trouble in Germany. The public prosecutor's office in Stuttgart is investigating the Croatian, who once went by the name Josip Curcic, on charges of fraud, breach of trust and embezzlement. According to the accusation, Heit "facilitated" former business partners and their companies to the tune of hundreds of millions of euros.

In the meantime, there are increasing indications that Josip Heit is also responsible for the multi-million euro fraud involving KBC - the total damage is estimated at more than 450 million euros.

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