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We fight back against Josip Heit and his criminal GSB gang

The Osint Group has recently been the target of multiple paid press attacks by Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG (GSB), Josip Heit, GSPartners and others. Baseless allegations, fake news and character assassination are the goals. Our successful work shall be damaged. However, the disruptors have neither the competence nor the knowledge to understand or assess the structures of the Osint Group.

GSB Boss Josip Heit and his alleged criminal gang want to distract from their own misconduct and weaknesses with these attacks, after renowned media have exposed the entire business as a fraud. Consumer organizations around the world have issued warnings: According to them, the cryptocurrency G999 is a scam. More and more trading exchanges are issuing warnings.

GSPartners, the distribution organization of GSB, illegally trades millions in a network that is under investigation in numerous states for illegal trades.

Josip Heit and GSB are apparently under investigation for tax evasion, document forgery, commercial fraud, human trafficking, drug trafficking, money laundering, and promoting prostitution, among other offenses. The Croatian, apparently named Josip Curcic, is reportedly on the run.

His attacks against Osint Group have led to new criminal investigations in Germany, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and USA.

The internationally active Osint Group consortium is itself being independently investigated by government agencies on an ongoing basis. One thing is certain: all alleged "evidence" against the Osint Group is either forged or simply based on incompetence and ignorance. They have nothing to do with the actual facts and operations.

The Osint Group will continue to defend itself against all types of attacks. Our international focus enables us to do this successfully in all parts of the world.

Peter Coleman, Esq
Osint Group

(Publication courtesy of Osint Group)

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If we bring the truth to light, people will not lose their money. We need your help. Write to us if you too are a victim or have been scammed in the network. We work as a coordination center on an international level with the authorities and the media. Your information will of course, be treated confidentially. Whistleblowers enjoy special protection.